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Pedagogical Commission of the Doctoral School

The restricted pedagogical advisory committee of the doctoral school assists the director in the implementation of the doctoral school's scientific policies and training. The pedagogical commission meets once a month. The pedagogical commission, enlarged to two representatives per scientific field, acts as a jury for the award of doctoral contracts..

The composition is as follows:

Head of the doctoral school

  • Thomas Noël

Deputy Head of the Doctoral School

  • Christophe Lallement

Institutional representatives

  • Pierre Grussenmeyer, director of research at INSA Strasbourg
  • AdrienWanko professor at ENGEES

Responsible / representatives of the reception units

  • Edouard Laroche (ICube-DIRTS)
  • Wilfried Uhring (ICube-DESSP)
  • Yannick Hoarau (ICube-DM)
  • Caroline Essert (Icube-DIR)
  • Alexandru Oancea (IRMA, Mathematics)
  • Etienne Birmelé (IRMA, Mathematics)
  • Pierre Baumann (IRMA, Mathematics)
  • Philippe Helluy (IRMA, Mathematics)
  • Omar Harzallah (LPMT / UHA)
  • Michel Basset (IRIMAS / UHA)
  • Dominique Berling (UHA)

1 doctoral member

  • By rotation, among the representatives of doctoral students at the Council of the doctoral school.