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National network of the Doctoral Schools in Sciences for the Engineer :


Missions and organization of the network of ED SPI

  • Strengthen the brilliance(radiation) and the international attractiveness of the doctorate SPI in France, with the students, French or foreign, the level license(Bachelor's degree) or Master's degree
  • Help the PhD students in SPI to value their doctoral training and diploma with the potential employers of the concerned socioeconomic sectors
  • Facilitate the meeting of the communities of PhD students of the network around the subjects of common interest
  • Help the doctoral Schools members to fill their missions of training, information, opening to the economic world, professional follow-up, internation development


Aimed actions

Implementation and interview of portals of information, in network with the various Web site of ED and units of research des ED et des unités de recherche

  • Doctoral training in SPI in France, jobs for which she(it) prepares, jobs
  • Directories : theses subjects, PhD students, doctors, reports of theses, etc.

Production of indicators and realization of annual inquiries

  • Indicators of the produced theses
  • Inquiries of occupational integration

Mutualization of doctoral trainings

  • Catalog of trainings opened to all the PdD students of the network
  • Development of mutualized trainings, remote seminars

Exchange of courtesies


The members of the network are :

  • The Doctoral Schools interested in the sector of the sciences for the engineer
  • Associations or learned societies supporting the realization of the objectives of the network
  • The bodies, the companies(societies) or the companies wishing to support the development of the network

In April, 2015, the network account 16 member Doctoral Schools. The network is supported by the AFM, FIM and the EEA club. He(it) is livened up(led) by a board of directors(board meeting) and an office(desk) which takes care of the coordination of its activities.